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Desired Life Advocate

Marquita Bianca

"helping you connect with your desires on and off the dance floor"


As a creative arts professional I’ve had the pleasure of coaching youth, adult women and men, professionals, and couples on their unique journey of aligning their desires to specific goals they’ve needed to meet.  By helping them identify and connect with their deepest desires, and finding ways to make those desires a reality I’ve witnessed amazing humans accomplish some extraordinary things. 


My scope of work and experience in the industry for over 20 years has led me to continue developing programs to equip my students both on and off the dance floor.


Evolving from stage/appearance work to goal planning and now desire coaching to explore beliefs and patterns that may have held them back in the past, and developing new strategies for manifesting their dreams.

My journey of desire alignment

While it may seem that finding love is posed as the most popular and notable alignment I have taken inventory of many other tangible successful examples in my life as well as my clients. 

I began my early career with the desire of studying veterinary medicine.  All roads led to med school after working in a hospital for 4 years, attending vocational programs and applying for colleges.  After being asked to join a good friend for a dance lesson for my 21st birthday I had a whirlwind summer romance with dance that changed the trajectory of my life.  Fast forward, 2 years later dance became my full time career with many magical moments and hard work to follow. My dance career led to developing my passion as a fashion writer as I fell in love with costumes which led me to writing and contributing articles for Fashion week platforms.  Later in my life journey I accepted a date invitation from one of my best friends, we became exclusive on our 4th date and were married 18 months later. 


All of these moments I consider to be magical in the most beautiful way However none of them were “by chance”. As I look back I’ve always aligned myself with what I’ve desired.  Some required more inner work than others. Others required more aligned action. Like many amazing women I over optimized in certain areas and spent many years doing inner work to balance out and be a reciprocal to the things I desired most.


Everything I’ve learned I take with me into every session with my clients.

Love List Services

"If you exist in your standards, you wont have to communicate them."

Explore my current services below

Color Stain

1 on 1

Not sure where to start? Or need to deep dive into a desire? A 1 on 1 session is just the thing for you. Clients reserve weekly, monthly, and quarterly sessions to work through desires they are seeking alignment for. These sessions are private with the client and Marquita Bianca, they can be facilitated in person or virtual depending on your location.

Color Stain

Small Group

Grab a friend or host a small gathering! Small group sessions can be tailored to a specific topic to expand your group.  Clients may reserve small group sessions in a package of single or multiple sessions.

Color Stain


Expand the experience of your retreat and conference attendees with an introductory Love List workshop or Masterclass with MB.

Slow Dance

Couples Enrichment

Dance programs

Fall more in love on the dance floor

Wedding at the countryside

Engagement & Wedding services

We make your wedding dance dreams come true!

Schedule a session with MB

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