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As an artist I've worked very hard over the past 10 years to build a career that I enjoy and also could   be proud of!                                                                                          While dreaming and building                                                                                      I've encountered

amazing and                                                                                       not so amazing 

moments                                                                                                   that has been the driving                                                                                              force of my 

website                                                                                                   let's talk about the hard                                                                                              stuff, the easy 

and creative                                                                                       , the maybe awkward                                                                                               stuff that no one likes to                                                                                                        talk about.     Either way let's grow and learn together!  Make MarquitaBianca.com your source to inspire dreams, cultivate your business, and conquer the goals you set!


The Reviews are in.....


Dec 2nd:

MB supports Operation Wishlist & appears on Hampton Roads Show


Dec 13th: 

MB joins BailsFuzion Full Company to perform in The Grinch info


Dec 15th: 

MB at Nicholas Catholic Church Gala


Happy Holidays from

my family to yours!




Coastal VA Mag WineFest

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