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Hair we go! Summer tell all!



Marquita Bianca

Summer is never truly over in my mind. I know I know at some point the temperature drops and we are all forced to accept the inevitable. Perhaps I should reword that and say summer is forever in my heart.

I’m positive I’ll remember this summer specifically for many to come. You always remember your first right-you’re first summer with natural hair that is.

I’m not sure if I planned the timing perfectly or just knew I was at a moment of no return. I’m not sure I can take credit at all. What I will say is I’m so thankful I spent this summer natural. Do I mean it to sound deep, thought provoking and maybe slightly DRAMATICA. If you know me you know.

I’ve spent the last 3 months chatting with amazing women via DM and meeting them while traveling. These are women that are in every stage of their natural hair journey. I have learned so much! Thank you for your questions and your love. Let’s get into some QnA shall we?

How did you get your hair color?

I’m so in love with my hair color. I knew eventually that I would go natural but I didn’t think I would have officially done it until next year. I’m not sure why but the timing just felt right. I knew one thing-when the time came I had to be head over heels about the color.

Which meant making a plan to get there. My natural hair from what I remembered took

Color well. So my game plan was to die it copper then use a semipermanent to achieve the red that I wanted.

This was my alternative to bleaching which I decided against after taking my extensions out. This also would fade nicely allowing me to follow up with color refreshes as I need them. I’ve not had to refresh my color once so far as I’ve changed my wash and go regimen but that is an entirely separate blog that I’ll prepare for you when I go over maintenance.

What I used:

Flaming desire by Clairol

(yes a box dye-stylist I love you don’t come for me)

Kiss Tintational Semipermanent in Orange Flame

  • disclaimer: I’m not a professional cosmetologist. While this worked for me you may want to consult a pro first. I placed both of these products on my virgin natural hair to achieve the result I have .

What I learned while traveling

My first trip with no extensions was nothing short of enlightening. I had nothing to fall back on so it was the perfect time to learn my hair. All while being on a trip getting to know my boyfriends family(no pressure right?) some days it clicked and others it didn’t but I’m so thankful because in this trip I truly learned how easy my hair care really is. On this trip I also debunked a few hair myths as they relate to my hair journey.

Myth #1: Sleeping required me to put my hair in pineapple-Girl! This happened once and never happened again. I use a satin scarf/bonnet-a cute one. Sleep comfortably and shake my hair out in the morning.

Myth #2: My wash and go had to include gel in

Order to hold-NOPE again! I actually stopped using gel and replaced it with a leave-in that my mane loves.

Myth #3: Since “stretching your curls” is all the rage I should do it too. Yeah that is going to be a No as well. I have found that I like the way my hair dries naturally and the volume it dries with.

In between traveling I have had the most amazing conversations with women everywhere. In stores, while ordering coffee, when ordering dinner. Shout out to having one of the most patient humans I know as a boyfriend. His support in this has been unmatched.

Above all I’ve learned that while your journey is yours and specific to you it doesn’t hurt knowing you have few curl friends around the world.

As your curl friend I want to hear from you! I hat hair myths have you found on your journey that didn’t cut it for you? Reply in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading! 💋


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