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Hair we go! Welcome to my natural hair journey



Marquita Bianca

Hey loves!

It’s been 3 years since my Big chop and I’m finally doing a hair check. Why not take you with me!  If you don’t follow me on social media this would be the time to do so(links below) my stories and feeds are the place to be for daily life happenings! BUT I promised there will be more coming for my family!

Hair we go! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be putting my natural curls into my life rotation. The journey of my Jessica Rabbit protective style has been just THAT. Considering I’ve had it for so long I’m not shocked that to some my natural hair was an after thought but while I have been enjoying my fiery tresses I’ve been really intentional about caring for my hair. Well, for two out of three years at least.

My 1st year into my big chop I’ll admit there was no system or process to care for my hair. While I wish I had pictures to share of the humble curl days you can imagine short hair is super easy to tuck away and keep life moving. Now, even though I still consider my hair to be in a humble curl status length wise for volume and healthiness it definitely makes a statement. So much so it’s even more of a process to put my protective style in.

Full transparency: I am NOT a professional hairstylist. I am sharing what I love, have learned and what works for me. Most of all as I continue to share I have no problem sharing the million things that won’t work LOL.

I’ll be honest I feel like I’m encountering a new person. So I’ve enlisted the help of a few Curl Friends to Point me in the right direction of where to start especially for products.

What I’ve learned:

My 3B/C hair is very porous and loves to soak up moisture wherever she can. If I’m in Virginia Beach and there is a train cloud in Chesapeake she will find a way to channel that moisture in LOL. She loves products. The ones I have tried so far have been great and help me retain moisture!

What I’m using:

Deep conditioning: Cultivating Miracles Hair Growth Formula- this was perfect and even acted as a leave in while I wore my protective style.

Shampoo/Conditioner: Suave Shea butter collection. I’ve used it since my big chop and it has worked well!

Wash and go: This, for the time being isn’t fancy for me. I use a normal gel with super hold, olive oil detangle spray and ORS Curls Unleashed  curly coil rich style crème.

My first blow out made mine and my “retired” hair stylist head turn! I didn’t have much breakage or split ends. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous and feared we’d have to cut off so much but realistically we took off an inch to inch and a half. I could’ve spared more but I’m grateful.  With the summer and humidity it didn’t last long but as the calendar has it I’m just a few days from Miami Swim Week so protective style here we come and once I return I’m excited to let my curls have another moment to breathe. My hair likes to be left alone to do it’s thing. I can respect that, in turn she has shown me she will stay healthy and grow! Could I ask for much more?

So cheers to my first hair diary! I’m excited to take you on this hair journey with me! If you are a curl friend I’d love to know what products you use and about your hair journey too!


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