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Self Reflection Sunday

A huge part of my learning as an artist has come from my spiritual walk. In an effort to become a better artist I find that becoming a better person has always been the foundation. A few Sundays ago, some small things happened that just turned a few light bulbs on for me about the kind of person/artist/business owner that I wanna be. Yes, even to this day I have things that inspire me to etch out the kind of person I wanna be smile emoticon while at church, 2 of my directors very suddenly asked if I could help in 2 areas. I was able to help in both and I was happy to do so. After the dust settled the opportunity made me think as a director how I'm looking for our artist to respond if it had of been me asking them to serve in area. Here are 3 things I wrote down that I personally have implemented in order to succeed in this area.

1. Serve as you would want to be served: If you asked someone to do something for you how would you feel if they acted as if your request was a burden to them? Let's serve in such a way that inspires others to want to do the same. Positivity is contagious and often aids in good ju ju when the air of need comes back around.

2. Prepare for the unknown: a wise animated character once said it best with, Luck favors the prepared(The Incredibles) by being organized and prepared you can have your best foot forward in all situations. Its never fails that the one day you are running late due to lack of preparation is the one day you feel that everything happens centered around you not being prepared. Start off each day being as prepared as possible.

3. Plan with Intention to be even better next time: Preparing the night before is such a good way to kick off your next day hitting the ground running. Be intentional about setting yourself up for success. Make list, write down your schedule and also the possibles that you may encounter you never know when you will be right!

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