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4 Resources Upcoming Recording Artist may not be using

In the hustle and bustle of trying to build and grow in this industry the best form of advice has always been to stay relevant and push self promotion. In my journey of dance, working with new clients and creating musical visions for productions I realize there have been a handful of times that artists have approached me with their music. The times that I have been approached each time I have listened to it and passed it on to a friend in the industry that may be a good fit in networking with that artist. Artist you may be missing out if you are not using the following outlets for your work and if you are kudos to you! More is always more when marketing yourself. 1. Sound Cloud- This free app is self explanitory and will house a place for your music to be heard and shared between followers. 2. Choreographers-As a choreographer we have a full list of previous and current clients we work for that we could recommend your music to. Choreographers also require a huge database of music to do their job. We are always creating short pieces for reels, auditions, and personal pieces. Some of these pieces get lots of recognition, posted on youtube, or other social sites! This can lead to bookings for parties to concerts. This day in the industry if someone recommends your music it carries more weight than a cold call. 3. DJ Management-Need I explain more this person has access to his/her own set of DJ's they represent and the possiblitiy is endless if they think your records are worthy! 4. Dance Companies- DC's are full entertainment entities they employ dancers and put on productions. Having said that their need for music is high and for their productions. The fan base that will come to see the productions along with the reps from larger companies that are looking for talent may get a wiff of your music! It cant hurt! Make sure you are using all your resources! I accept music samples through our dance company bailafuzion@gmail.com !! xoMB



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