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"Undefined" Bryan & Nay Nay

What happens when as a fan you listen to one of your favorite artist and you come across a track that they collaborated with an artist that you may not know of but now you secretly love. My first experience with Bryan includes no shoes, a ukulele, and a live acoustic session that left me purchasing his 1st album “Living in the Image” on the spot. Yes, a ukulele….I’ll get back to that part in a little bit. After purchasing the album and stumbling across the “Living in the Image” track featuring Nay Nay I felt like something big was about to happen. I finally met Nay Nay in person at our recent Arts Out Loud and after seeing the duo up close and personal I’m pretty sure you know that my first question was where can I purchase whatever album that contained this awesomeness! I had no idea about the stage the EP was currently in or even how long at that point that they had been collaborating but to my excitement Bryan responded that their joint EP "Undefined" would be released on August 6th. I'm pretty sure after I did the cartwheel in my mind my next response was I'd like to preorder right now. Considering how impatient I am Bryan was gracious enough to drop off all 3 albums that I ordered (1 copy to give away, 1 personal copy and 1 copy of his previous album to give to my mom). On a quick note about this ukulele, just as unique as Bryan is the way his mind works when creating music. After his performance I just felt like no one else could make the ukulele cooler than Bryan Mahon. So like every other person who obsesses I told my dance teams that an appropriate Christmas gift would be a stoned out ukulele ...sad to say it hasn't happened yet (maybe they are reading this LOL). I'm sure I've been living under a rock in just now discovering Nay Nay's music(even though I had heard about him numerous times) but the intentional journey I'm on to discover new independent artist and celebrate their hard work it just makes it that much more worth it. Can you imagine all that we haven't heard?

I started my journey in this EP with “Brand New Day” completely out of order at Track number 3 but considering I was riding in my truck on a 90 degree how appropriate to listen to a song about celebrating life’s little things and having no worries. It actually put pep in my step. The rest of my day was spent bouncing between “Never let go” and “Life without you” dabbling in what love is but what collection isn’t complete without great love songs. Not just any love song but the one where you know that the situation of love you are in is not the one for you. I just love it from the perspective of these two. Now after having the album for a few weeks I find myself using “Flightless” as an anthem. No matter how long or where you are in your journey as an artist you can identify with not being believed in by the people we want most. Indeed the perfect song to bring it all together.

Bryan and Nay Nay make what feels like a complete team. One that may seem unlikely but then when you hear them you think…perfect! Both equally talented, equally as passionate, and equally as driven we could also insert tons of personal comments about them being down to earth and just really great people to know. For this it makes me proud to say that I’m a fan. When asking Bryan how it felt to collaborate with Nathan on this project he said "Nathan and I have always been good friends since the day we met, so the idea of throwing different genre's together really didn't seem foreign to me, but with any other person, I probably would have never considered doing this project. Writing the "Undefined" EP with Nathan was interesting for me; the way I see it, we come from two different backgrounds of music, yet we were able to meet somewhere the middle. The differences in our interests also made this EP an educational experience, everything I've learned over the past so many years really came into practice when making this album.

So how did this work? Where did you start? I had so many questions to ask. I’m completely enamored when artists can find a match. When creating projects that allow them to be themselves on their own turns. Doing it solo absolutely a no brainer, doing it with someone with a completely different style than you is another story. I asked Nathan what the writing process was like for him and Bryan. “The writing process with Bryan comes very naturally. When two artists come from different genre backgrounds and want to collaborate on something together, things cannot be forced to work. If it doesn't come together naturally then the end product sounds cluttered and pieces clash. That's why Bryan and I would just hang out and mess around with ideas and whenever one of us came up with something the other was feeling, we just went with it. He would come up with these melodies on his guitar and they would have a certain vine to them that I would just immediately know what I wanted to write about on the songs.” Explained perfectly by Nathan it made it easy to imagine a day in the studio of them writing together. With such a successful match I asked Nathan how he felt others could do the same. “If other artists are looking for a great collab-match, I'd suggest they try working with someone who they are comfortable with. Not every idea one comes up with is going to suit another artist, so to keep things from clashing, you have to be comfortable enough to let the other artist know that.”

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Nay Nay:

Facebook.com & Youtube.com/OfficialNayNayMusic

IG & Twitter: NayNayMusic



Bryan Mahon:


Twitter: Bryan_Mahon

IG: BryanMahon



Album Credits:

Nay Nay-Vocalist

Bryan Mahon-Instrumentalist/Vocalist

Eric Stanley-Violin on "Life without you"

Mixed and Mastered by Severin DiCroce

Recorded at Diehm Recording Studio at Old Dominion University



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