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Always be bigger than your opportunity!

I was listening to Jesus Culture(One of my favorite worship bands) on YouTube in between songs a commercial came on for Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) Shoes(find the commercial below). Normally, I am the first person to press skip ad so fast you would think I was in a speed competition but there is something about SJP, isn't it? After watching Sex and The City for countless years I'm sure most feel she will always be Carrie Bradshaw and after all I found my Mr Big around the same time she did. Except, what I was watching was not an episode it was the evidence of fruition from an "Opportunity" she capitalized on from many years ago. SJP played a young lady that had a shoe addiction on a television show that ultimately made you and I identify with her character so much that at this point we can barely separate the two.

Insert story that now in almost 2020 you can buy shoes from the real life person who played a "shoe lover" on a television show...do you get the point? SJP capitalized brilliantly on an opportunity to further her personal brand! We have heard the term turning 5 minutes into 15 in show biz and the reality is for many stars this is so true but what if you aren't famous or on TV. What opportunities do you have in your life that streamline with your vision or better yet could add value to the vision you have? Let's be quite honest when SJP first auditioned for Sex and the City do you think she knew she'd be building a multi million dollar brand off of a love her character had? I'm sure she loved shoes I mean what woman doesn't but to connect the two is pure genius! Everyday there are wonderful opportunities that for some of us we may never capitalize on for a number of reasons. I can honestly say that I am where I am because of a few key opportunities. So what's the secret? Well the secret is that there is no secret!

Here are my top 5 tips to creating that 5 minutes into 15!

1. Have a clear vision but be flexible about the journey

-Most of all know where we'd like to be but getting there is usually the issue. On the other hand some feel they have a blue print of exactly how their career should go. Stay flexible the most beautiful things can happen on detour roads.

2. Be ready to audition

-When even the smallest opportunity presents itself that is not the time to do the minimum required. Always be bigger than your opportunity.

3. Be present and open

-In this tech age it's very easy to get side tracked to who is tweeting about who and snap chatting about what. Pay attention and for goodness sakes get off of Facebook for more than 10 seconds LOL

4. Leave the impression that you'd want left on you

-If you hired someone, worked with someone, were introduced to someone after you first meet them how would you want to feel? Turned off because they were too arrogant? I doubt it, instead you want to feel intrigued! Leave the way you want to be left!

5. Book a meeting from a meeting to a meeting

-Closed mouths don't get fed! If you know how your services can benefit someone you meet or while you are on booking Tell them! The business world is an ecosystem which means the gift you have someone is looking to hire it and whether they hire you or the next person that job is going to get filled! So why not you?



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