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2017 on MarquitaBianca.com!

2017 on MarquitaBianca.com!

Can you believe the new year is officially 2 weeks away? I feel like planning my wedding took focus from the real world for me this past 6-8 months. However, its still enough time to get in gear for the upcoming year and I have so many goals, tips, motivations and "what not to do's" to share with you!

In order to affectively do that I wanted to organize my website with a new layout and also list out my blog schedule so my readers will know what days to tune in for the topics that interest them! Let's get into that and more!

</p>New Layout!</span> The layout you are experiencing right now is new layout for 2017. This year I have so much content to share that the clean white background will allow you to find whatever you are searching for!

</p>Bi-weekly newsletter</span>! Stay up to date with all the MB.com happenings in my new newsletter. It will be chicken soup for the soul with a boss girl edge! Sign up on the home screen so you don't miss anything!

</p>Friday:</span> Fashion, Fitness

This schedule starts now and I can't tell you how excited I am! Let's grow together!

Xo, MB



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