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  • Marquita Castaño

Love Your Competitors!

Yes we deemed it love month and yes our first blog is about the very thing that may be hardest for most business owners. The truth is speaking about your "competition" is something that we often times don't do.  Whether it be because of negative feelings or we just don't pay attention. Well as a business owner your first rule is to always be learning. Here are some ways to learn and love your competition in your industry.

1. Recognize what God has for you is for you! I'll mention this first because I feel that if you really let this resonate with your soul it brings so much peace. Just because someone has a business similar to yours doesn't mean they will be as successful as you in it or vice versa. Remember less talent can beat super talent when the super talented doesn't work hard!

2. Only speak about those in your industry positively or not at all- You own a business or may be starting one. Treat those how you want to be treated and even if they don't follow that law how impressed will someone be with your version of professionalism versus theirs. It is ok to not have anything to say about a competitor if asked why is that? Because you are too busy working!

3. Refer them business- This is my favorite! I know you must think "Really MB, refer them business now you are going to far!" Well its just the opposite. I refer business that I cannot accommodate not for any other reason but our focus is the best customer service we can provide.  Providing customer service means serving the customer in their time of need when they need it. I have many new customers because of this! Good Karma comes back around!

4. Having Competitors doesn't mean you are fighting for the same customers its a way to figure out that you don't have to serve every customer. I am OK with not being for everyone! Being able to hold our mission of excellence dedicated to the education of arts and not dedication to money allows me to protect my business and my staff dreams!

5. And lastly, everyone deserves a level or professional respect for stepping out to create jobs for our economy. If your competitor does that and is working hard like you to maintain it then that is commendable! You may not be friends, you may not have the same views but at the end of the day you may be more alike at heart then you think!



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