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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

Girls, can we talk? Life is happening and while this blog is for all of us to work and celebrate how awesome it is to be a boss I also want to make sure I address the balance aka human moments when we just may feel like we fall a little short. It takes a lot of energy to "Be ON" all the time. 

Let's get even more real that it just isn't physically or even more so emotionally possible to operate that way consistently 365 days a year. Some days you just aren't going to be okay, and thats fine! Does not being okay mean you are not grateful, absolutely not! Does not being ok mean that you are selfish, totally untrue! Does not being ok mean that you are digressing, ummmm not even close.

Some days are just meant for you to take off the cape you wear consistently, put down the armor of the "perfect you", leave whatever may be left and then say, "It is well." I encourage you that you are as magnificent on the Not okay days as you are on the days when your winged eyeliner goes on perfectly or when you nail that presentation in front of your boss. You will be Okay even when things are NOT okay. Why? Because even on your worst days you still look absolutely stunning to the God who created you. You were never meant to bare the burden of needing to be perfect aka round clock okay. So today as you read this please be encourage by all that you are just because you woke up and not all that you have to accomplish.

Xoxo, MB



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