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  • Marquita Castaño

Product Review: Home Sweet Comfort Zone Planner

Have you finished your 2020 planner set up? I thought I was and then this beauty was brought to me. In today’s video I am reviewing the Home Sweet Comfort Zone 2020 planner and how I plan to use it in my upcoming system this year! Ekkkkkk I am so excited! Tell me in the comments what you think of it too!

Here is a link to my review video here: 

I plan to use this to pre-plan my weeks. This planner has beautiful colors already so it will be perfect for a pen to paper approach and that will fit perfectly into my system. I’m going to use this alongside my catch all Happy Planner.  

My favorite planner highlights included to help us slay the year:

-Planning by the quarter -30 Day Love and Comfort Challenge (Stay tuned I’ll be participating in this) -Weekly comfort zone care plan: I really think I need prompts that will make me take care of me better. It is so easy to forget that I should be #1 -Quotes to stay focused: Let’s face it they can only help! 

Link to the planner: https://homesweetcomfortzone.com/ Planner videos to check out: Get to know me: https://youtu.be/7q0hj2sVXc8 


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