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  • Marquita Castaño

2020 One Word: Execute

Happy 2020 goal getters! Can you believe we are officially in a new decade? Time flies when you are having _________(insert the blank)! It is January 1st and with the new year there is so much to do! One of the first things to prep for a new year I like to do is choosing one word that I will model my year by and fittingly it will also be this months theme for MarquitaBianca.com 

I am choosing: EXECUTE: to carry out or put into effect(a plan, order, or course of action). Even writing it makes me feel the pressure(in a good way) as this year’s word is a BIG one. This is exactly why I chose it. Choosing execute for my word of the year isn’t me disclaiming that I haven’t been executing during previous years but more so that I plan to put more focus on what gets executed. Executing this year for me means: 1) Staying on the Offense 2) Staying intentional on what I focus on 3) Curating the life that I want to be living These three things are very important to me and really helped frame my process on choosing my word for the year. Have you planned your one word? Here are a few questions to ask yourself in figuring I out! 1. What are our major goals for 2020? 2. How do you want to feel this year as you navigate your goals? 3. On December 31st 2020 how do you want your year to have looked? Use these questions to trigger thoughts about what word you might choose for 2020. It can be whatever if going to power you up to be your best you! 




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