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  • Marquita Castaño

2020 Planner Set Up

2020 is here and I’m so excited to share my New Year planner set up with you! I am absolutely in love with this planner set up. I have spent time in my planner over the past few months to really analyze what I need and how top better make it work for me so I am the most confident I have ever been in my system. Along with many new touches there are a few things that I am keeping from my previous set up since they worked well and will serve me in the new year. So let’s get to the break down shall we? What’s staying: Classic Happy Planner Teacher Edition-“Catch all” This is my 2nd year using a teacher planner as my catch all with re-dating it and using the left side for my Appts, Home, BFDC, MB and an “etc” category that houses anything I need to jot down like if I need to pick up something from the store on the way home or a reminder to tell one of my teachers something about a student. This works so it is staying! Wellness Extension pack- I honestly spent a few months feeling like I was waiting these and I finally told myself that I was going to be intentional and stick to it! Tracking certain things about my health are important to me therefore if I’m not consistent I’m not going to quit I’m just going to make a point to get back in it! Staying with a slight change: Vintage Botanicals- If you saw my last planner set up (click link here) I was and am STILL very much so in love with the beauty of this planner. I hope they make a 2nd one next year as it will be on my top purchase list. My original intention was for this to be my goal planner but it wasn’t sticking for some reason. Now with a new addition(you’ll read about in a few) I will now use this for my BFDC fiscal and social media schedule. The NEW NEW: Glam Girl-Having 2 Full Time careers means there is A LOT to keep track of and I realized my Creative Arts Center and my Marquita Bianca/Fashion Editor work need their own homes. Enter glam girl and let’s face it how perfect, right? Truth pages-These are so instrumental to my day and keep my focused on what really matters when this Boss babe life gets a little lonely. Erin Condren Goal Planner- Oh boy! It’s about to go down with a little EC love in my planner system. This planer was a gift from the EC team at the Planning a Better me conference. While a wonderful rep came and taught a workshop and had participants fill out their planner I needed to bring this baby home and think on how it would fit. It will house my 1 year and 5 year goals. (More details to come on this) Destash book-You never know the awesomeness you will pick up in a destash session. I know I didn’t? A book no one wanted and the Vintage HP Value sticker book turned this into something I will now use for years. I have so many personal pages that I will be creating and I’ll share them in future videos and blogs. I am super excited about this new set up and I hope it gave you some inspiration for yours! Let’s connect: Instagram Facebook. Twitter 



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