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30 Day 75 Hard Check in!

75 Hard 30 day check in!

What a month it has been! I am so excited to be writing this 30 day check in for you guys. I have learned so much about myself and what I can accomplish through focus. Here are the “A’s” to your “Q’s” about my 75 Hard Journey!

What is 75 Hard?

Is a mental toughness challenge created by Andy Frisella. It consist of doing the following for 75 consecutive days:

-2 (45 minute) workouts-one must be completed outdoors

-10 pages of reading

-Drinking 1 gallon of water

-Following a diet

-No consumption of alcohol or cheat meals

-Take a daily progress picture

What workouts are you doing?

My outdoor workout is a 3 mile daily walk or run. For my second workout I tend to opt for a few options and the choice will completely depend on how my body feels. The options I rotate from are yoga/stretch, cardio dance, and the gym. Running is very much part of my daily routine so it is very rare that I miss a run. However, I must say that listening to your body and not overdoing it is very important especially if you are new to consistent fitness or exercising.

How do you manage your schedule and do all these tasks?....This is a lot!

I agree, this can feel overwhelming at times. This is also not my first attempt at 75 Hard. I tried it last year and while I loved it I wasn’t prepared to follow through for 75 days. This is the type of challenge where you cannot use the word “might” or “maybe”. You don’t “try” this challenge. You either set out to commit or there is no use in starting. Having said that, here are my top 3 tips for getting it all done!

  1. Start your water intake early. It can be very easy to get behind and you’ll find yourself reading your book at 10pm, finishing your gallon of water while sitting on the toilet LOL. Just kidding….slightly. I have an insulated tumbler that I fill before bed from my gallon that I plan to drink from the next day. When I get up in the morning, that is the first thing I reach for. I knock out my gallon by 6pm so I have uninterrupted sleep.

  2. Have a solid plan for how your day will go. My schedule changes by the day so I plan my week and then every night firm up my next day schedule.

  3. Don’t leave anything up to feelings, get on autopilot ASAP! I rarely “feel” like doing any of the tasks and every day I have to calibrate my attitude to be my best self. I make sure when my alarm rings in the morning I can operate robotically as long as I need to. Decision fatigue is a real thing.

How do you maintain your hair?

This is something I really had to work at LOL. If you know me you know I am a glam girl. I love makeup and a good roller set. I also love dressing every day. In order to achieve balance in this area (especially with not having to wash my hair twice a day) I run in the am, primarily with my hair roller set. I always wear a headband or bandana. For my dance fitness and gym time I prefer to pin curl my hair or wear it in a ponytail, again with a headband or bandana. The key to not frizzing is letting your hair dry before removing your rollers or pin curls. After each workout I leave my hair set, remove the headband and allow it to air dry.

What diet are you following?

This is where you will differ from everyone else. Our nutritional needs are all different. For me, I love following an Intermittent Fasting schedule of 16/8. My eating window is 9am to 5pm. This works so well for my schedule and my body performs well on it. I also follow a ¾ plant based diet. That means of everything I eat, ¾ of my daily intake for the day will be plant derived. I am NOT doing 75 Hard solely to lose weight, in fact my metabolism currently burns everything I eat because of my activity level and in the process I have gained muscle mainly do to running so I naturally weigh more.

Is it necessary to get the app or buy Andy’s book?

Both are great tools but you can complete the challenge without them. I personally chose to purchase the app. You can find it on IOS or Google play stores. The app is a great investment as it helps keep you on track. It also helps keep you honest.

What do you do when you travel?

I stick to the plan. Making a plan for completing 75 Hard is essentially creating a system for yourself to be successful. When I travel I just continue to follow my system. I still complete my daily run. Of course, I have to plan a different second workout but often yoga/stretching will be my first choice. If I’m in New York, I walk an average of 20k steps per day. Adding an additional workout to that is a lot so listening to my body is key. During that time frame an evening walk and stretch are best. As long as it's not February during a blizzard. It's also a great time to see who is having a salsa social while I’m in town to dance my calories away and meet my workout goal.

Have you missed a workout on days you don’t feel well? Sorry for the TMI but what about that time of the month?

I haven’t missed any workouts while on this run of 75 Hard. I’m currently on day 39 and if I miss a day I have to start back at day 1. To date, I’ve ran in the rain 3 times, had 2 period cycles, and traveled. I can’t stress to you enough that I am finishing this challenge. On the days I need to go easier on my workout I will but missing it isn’t an option. Thankfully my mind and body have been in alignment with my decision.

Why on earth did you choose to do this challenge during the hardest part of the year? You won't miss celebrating all the holidays?

The appropriate answer is why not? If you are going to complete this challenge, the time of year doesn’t matter. I’ve had a great time through all the holidays amidst participating in 75 Hard. Ive never felt better.

What advice do you have to someone doing 75 Hard for the first time?

*Make a solid plan that makes sense and doesn’t allow for excuses.

*Make the tasks non negotiable or don’t do the challenge.

*Don’t do it with a friend unless you are prepared to commit to continuing to do it when they fail. Failure for this challenge is a real thing. Don’t get wrapped up in someone else's excitement.

Cheers to being slightly over ⅓ done! I’ll do a follow up on day 50 so stay tuned! In the meantime let's connect on social media.


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