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5 Things to do during fashion week besides sitting on the front row.

The most wonderful time of the year. Carrie Bradshaw said it best, “Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future…this is known as Fashion Week.” While this is a movie quote it couldn’t be more true. For many upcoming bloggers, influencers, stylists and more it can be challenging to get incorporated into a machine that has been running for quite some time. It is very easy to get lost in the city and in the sauce for that matter during this whirlwind week of things. 

While breaking into the mix may have its challenges I want you to feel encouraged that there is space for you. A space where you can not only exist but thrive! Speaking of space there are many doors from which you can enter this space. It’s what makes this beautiful fashion ecosystem great!

Let’s talk about 5 things you can do during Fashion week besides sitting in the front row.

  1. Visit showrooms

Show room visits are one of my favorite things to do during fashion week and I make sure to put them in my schedule in between runway shows. Visiting a designer in their showroom space allows you one on one time with them and a up close view of their collection. Many designers with top notch talent opted for this activation instead of a runway show for those reasons. They want to meet you!

2. Brunch with a blogger Bestie 

Show after show can take its toll so taking a break to meet up with a colleague is just good for the soul. This is also a great time to collaborate on content. You have to eat at some point right?!

3. Work on Thought equity with Brands

Research your favorite brands to see you they have something special going on. It’s fashion week! Everyone has something going on. If you love the Brand Dove seek out pop ups and events they are sponsoring. Even if they are doing an in store promotion it’s worth it to visit and create relationships with SA (sales associates) and see what new things the brand is featuring. This is a great way to base your content around something meaningful with a brand you use everyday anyway. “Thought equity” think it positioning yourself so a brand begins to have you in their thoughts continuously. I wrote a full blog about tips for this.

4. Thrift and sample sale

While you are there to report the trends that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself as well. NY, Paris, London and Milan have some amazing places to shop designer sample sales and thrift both gently used and luxury pieces.

5. Visit activations associated with fashion week

Many brands put together fantastic activations that don’t include a runway. These are meant to honor, educate, bring awareness and give you a closer look at what they have on their radar. 

Revolve hosted “Revolve Gallery” at Hudson Yard during NYFW. The installation was a way to support and showcase emerging designers, exclusive brands and premiere partners as well as collaborative collections from its portfolio. 

Attendees were able to walk through at their pace, take photos ops as well as enjoy refreshments  from sponsors like Celsius, 818 Tequila and more!


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