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Cheers to April!

Hello Beauties!

April is here! We are pretty sure we aren’t alone with wanting to turn up the heat! This means warmer temps. Let’s get outside to see all the amazing blooming of the season. From VA to DC cherry blossoms are upon us. It’s the first glimpse that Spring is truly here!

Time to 10x our productivity but remain diligent about our self care. Both things can be true! We will take on the heavy lifting of exploring the balance. Just stay tuned!

This month we look forward to taking you out to explore local goodness and the best in beauty. Speaking of beauty my Permanent Make Up Tell all is Live! I’ll also be taking you behind the scenes with me for the Virginia Arts Festival! I’ve got a season discount code for your ticket purchase so feel free to come with!

We also can’t forget April means Taurus season and this year is my BIG 40! I’m excited to see what this new year brings and share it all with you!-No gate keeping here!

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