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Finale week of 75 Hard!

Can you believe we are here? I’m still shocked and while we haven’t hit day 75 yet I’m posting this update now so next week we can talk more about what happens next! I’m so grateful for this challenge. My last attempt was halted due to contracting Covid-19 at day 50. My decision to start the challenge over again, skip all the major holidays between November to the New Year and finish up in the very “brick” city of New York was a large under taking. Just like every work out that you make happen “you never regret once you get up to do it”.

I haven’t regretted one day of this challenge. I have partied, toasted with friends(with water or juice), and have upped my fun level exploring new things in this “Year of Yes”.

Now here we are, a few days left to hit the goal.

I’ve enjoyed the interaction and am so grateful for your support through this challenge. On to your updated Q’s!

Q: How do you maintain your energy

A: This is such a great question. 20 days in to the challenge I realized I was burning through everything. My metabolism is through the roof and still is. I owe the success of this to a really great eating plan and schedule. (I touched briefly on this in my previous 75 Hard update read here) between my 9-5 eating schedule, And upped my protein. Having something to burn helped me to not feel depleted.

Q:Mentally do you think the challenge had a big impact?

A: Absolutely! So much has happened the last year in my life I couldn’t begin to share it all here but my mental health now matches the health of my body and I couldn’t ask for much more than that!

Q: Would you do the challenge again? If so, can you post so I can join you?

A: I would do the challenge again in a heart beat, I would post and love you to join me but I’d love for you to NOT wait. Dive into this experience for yourself. Make it the most selfish thing you choose to do. The world will benefit from who you will become.

Q: Are you a fan of Andy, the creator?

A: I often listen to Andy’s podcast during my runs, I love the mission and facility he has built. He is as raw as they come. The epitome of everything this challenge stands for. Love him or hate him what he has created is life changing.

Q: You are heading to New York soon. How will you get your workouts in?

A: I have spent much time planning this. My run will not change. I have always ran in NY on every trip we make there. My team is so used to my hours and sleeping schedule(I’m sure they are equally sick of it LOL). For

My 2nd workout I have arranged a gym to attend and I’ll be dancing while in the city as well.

Q: You were recently hurt? How did you manage to not quit with having a mild concussion and bruised tailbone?

A: This was the hardest hurdle of the challenge for me. My tailbone is still recovering. I’m not back to a full 3 mile run yet. Simply put, I promised myself that I would finish. The next day after getting injured. I walked the full 45 minutes in the snow. A mile took me 20 minutes to give you an idea. My 2nd workout was a 45 minute tread mill walk with no incline. My only goal for that day was to keep moving. I didn’t want to re-injure myself but I also wanted to avoid locking up. With this mindset every day has been better than the last. My body has healed beautifully. I’m sure I could push her more but I’ve chosen to honor her and let her lead me into beast mode moments when she feels ready . She hasn’t failed me yet and for that I’m so incredibly grateful.

Q: What is next?

A: Lots of fun! I’m planning my next moves as we speak. I’ll have more info to share around day 75 but wanted to answer these recent questions.

For those that are on the fence jump heart first and bring your head with you. I’ll see you guys here, in just a few days for our last update on day 75!


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