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Girl Boss Summer Prep: Digital Planning

It’s a new month and what a great time to make good on a promise from a long time ago. I’ve been meaning to share my updated planner system and process with you all. These will be included in a series I’m affectionately calling our, “Girl Boss Summer Prep” series. Let's get our life and business to a place where disorganization doesn't have the power to block incoming opportunities! Today, lets start with a digital planning system!

Why digital planning?

I’ve been digital planning for roughly a year now. Navigating my new travel schedule is truly where things changed for me. I am a paper planner at heart. I love paper in all forms. I still to this day have the urge to pick up paper but my system now integrates so many areas of my life I can’t deny its functionality even with my self diagnosed shiny item and sticker syndrome.

Planning System layout:

There is a lot of meat and potatoes here so I’ll jump straight into it. The following is an overview of what my traditional planner included and what I use now as a digital alternative.

Catch all planning

For my master planning or in paper planner terms my “catch all planning” I use Google calendar. While the app is a simple template I have found ways to really make it work for my entire life. Best of all it syncs with all my products and is available while I travel.


To do list

Google Tasks is the perfect place to organize To Do lists. I have running to do lists in different categories. The freedom to schedule some tasks, bank others for reminders and check them off when they are done is a really satisfying feeling. My to do list categories include To buy, Extended planning, blogs/content, goal planning, master list dump, am/pm routine, financial and friends/family.


Google Note has been great to replace my bad habits of post-it notes all over my office. I have no rhyme or reason to my note organization which doesn’t bother me at all. I actually like using this as a place to brainstorm short thoughts pre-planning for the week. Each note is searchable and I love being able to copy/paste them later when I do need them.

Multi-calendar system

Main- The overview of my schedule, important events, bookings, and dates. I take it a step further and use the description for any details I need to remember, attach photos of the outfit I plan to wear and if needed invite the friends, family or colleagues associated with the event.

Self care- While appointments could go under my main calendar I prefer to keep them on a self care calendar so I can outline private details. This calendar has personal care appointments, menstrual schedule, hair and beauty appointments.

Financial- I house all due dates, subscription reminders and anything that has to do with money.

Work-When I reference work this is all BFDC. Private lessons, booking/rental schedule and all the communication needed so our team knows where we are and when we need to be there.

Content-I have a content calendar for both my MB and BFDC entities. Within those calendars tracks our sales/promos, social media, email schedule, tik tok/reels and IG/FB posts. Anything that needs to be created and distributed is tracked here.

Note taking and Brain dumps

My go to for note taking and brain dumping has become Google Docs. It's very easy to organize files into folders and share information when needed. If you are a transitioning planner girl like myself this is a great option to replace all the notebooks you may have lying around.

Not a judgment. Just an observation.

June is our last month in Q2, stay tuned as I share more planner systems and processes to get us ready for a REAL Girl Boss Summer!

Have planner system tips? Leave them in the comments! Let's Glow together!


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