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Hair We Go Winter!

I can’t even begin to tell you all the horror stories I heard about how hard it would be to care for my hair during the winter months. I should probably preface this by mentioning my beautiful Coastal Virginia weather is also the most finicky. We have had weather span 30 to 75 degrees within the last 3 months.

What I’ve learned:

Steaming my hair daily with a great wash and go every week is my secret sauce.

Making what feels like a hard decision:

I have chosen healthy, delicious curls that offer definition over the trend of BIG hair.

What I’m using:

Cultivating Curls Soufflé

-continuous spray bottle

-scalp massager

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Mielle Hawaiian Ginger Styling gel

I haven’t felt a difference in caring for my hair from season to season thus far. As my 1 year anniversary of being natural comes up I look forward to seeing the beauty of this journey between Spring and Summer.

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