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Phase 1 of Live Hard!

Phase 1: Answering your Q’s

The time is here! I’ve completed 75 Hard and have made the decision to complete Live Hard. I’ve received so many questions and figured it was time for another progress update anyway! First off, thank you to everyone that has sent encouraging words for this journey. It has been challenging, sweaty and incredible all at the same time. Before we get to your questions here is a rundown of Phase 1. If you missed my 75 Hard update or are curious about the rules for that challenge check out my recent post here and here.

Phase 1- Is the first phase of Live Hard after you have completed your first 75 days. Much like #75Hard the daily tasks are the same with the addition of 3 critical tasks, 10-minute visualization and a 5-minute cold shower. Phase 1 is 30 days instead of 75.

The #LiveHard program consists of 75 Hard, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. All 4 programs are to be successfully completed within 1 year of your start date.

Now let’s get to your Q’s:

Q: Do you plan to complete all the Phases?

A: I do, initially when I started 75 Hard I hadn’t given it much thought but now it really does feel like, why not?

Q: Cold showers, I couldn’t do it! What’s the secret?

A: LOL This was a huge topic of conversation between a good friend of mine who lives in Colorado. They are still experiencing snow! The cold shower almost turned her decision to a NO. I don’t blame her. She is already braving the weather to workout outdoors, imagine in addition to that having to take a cold shower. She is my true She-ro! The secret, there is none! It is a shock no matter what you do and if anyone tells you that you get used to it after a while, Lies to you! You never get used to it!

I am tackling my cold showers right after my workout (usually my evening session). I have found it is more tolerable when my body temperature is higher. We also made a playlist of our favorite dance songs. Let's just say we turned this cold shower into a hot dance party!

Q: Did you plan out your Phase dates?

A: Yes! I’m not sure anyone can complete this successfully without planning everything about it in detail. My goal is to complete Phase 1 on March 30, in between Phase 1 and Phase 2 you are to take a mandatory 30 day or more break from the challenge. Yet another challenge in itself you can imagine. I’ll plan to complete Phase 2 May 15th to June 15th. This will allow me to enjoy my birthday and complete Phase 2 before our team travels again. Now the real challenge will be completing Phase 3 (has to be completed on the date you started your original 75 Hard challenge) Phase 3 for me will be October 31st to November 29th.

Q: How do you realistically manage your schedule with all that you do? What does a typical day look like broken down?

A: This is a really good question and varies by the day. This past weekend I attended the Mayor’s Masked ball. This is a great example to show how I structured my time to complete all my tasks, adult, and fit in normal life. Here is the layout of the day:


4:30 Wake up Alarm

4:40-50 10-minute Visualization

4:50-5:30 Read 10 pages

5:45 Workout-45 minute outdoor run

6:30-7:30 Get ready for the day, complete 1 of 3 critical tasks

8am- Arrive at work to open our campus and review it’s vendor/activity schedule for the day

9am-Complete critical task 2 & 3

10:30-Workout #2 at the Gym

11:30-Cold Shower (YAY!)

12pm-On campus for Zoom call

1pm-4:30 Glam (after hair and make up I prepped our Campus schedule for the next week so it is completed for the following week)

4:30-Closed Campus

5pm-Car arrives for the ball

This challenge is what you make of it. You can turn discomfort into fun. I’ve chosen to make this a non negotiable. I will finish and that is the true way to know you will be successful. I’ve received many questions about my diet. I’m following Intermittent Fasting as well as balanced meals that are ¾ plant based. This still gives me a wide variety so I suggest following me on Instagram as I post meals daily! I’d love to connect with you there!

Thanks so much for reading! xoMB

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