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Prep and Write Articles...Like a Boss!

Hey loves! In my recent vlog I took you through my process of preparing for designer interviews, note taking and writing the article post interview. Today’s blog post is to take a deep dive into those tips to help you make a streamlined process for your writing. BONUS: Download these notes and a worksheet to use below!

Pick your note taking tool: I prefer to take my notes via a google document as it cuts down on a step from paper note taking when I need to process those notes into the final article later. I will note, however your brain works best, do that! If paper works for you by all means use paper. How you take your notes isn't as important as making sure to have a system of what to do with them after.

  1. Pre interview: Develop your notes and questions. I like to color code my notes in red, black and blue. Black= facts. This can be things achieved by the brand, dates to remember along with items that are true and relate to the designer. Blue=questions.

  2. During the interview: Fluidity in conversation and energy within the interview are very important to me for our brand. I like for those we speak with to feel that we are present and knowledgeable. Having organized notes helps to be fluid during your interview. I record all interviews on a device. This can be my phone, old phones I'm no longer using or any voice recording device you may have.

  3. Post interview: This is where your notes come in and if you were organized your article writing will be a breeze. I like to number my notes topics in the order I want to write them. I do this post interview because from speaking to the designer I better know at that point if there is any info I want to omit or add.

  • I try my best to write my articles and post interviews while everything is fresh in mind.

  • I immediately send a thank you message to the designers letting them know my appreciation and that I may follow up if I have any questions.

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