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Quaran-Teaming win: Kiss Nails!

If you follow my social media you know one thing I have not stressed over during this quarantine experience has been my self-care in regards to my hair and nails. Yes! I learned how to do my hair a long time ago and through many failed attempts have perfected the way that I like it done. No! I do NOT do other people’s hair. You’d be surprised how often I get asked this question lol! I started doing my own hair around 2010 when my travel schedule for dance was hectic and the only time I could get my hair done was super inconvenient for anyone else to be able to do it. So, essentially I was forced to learn the skill. I am very grateful especially during times like this!

My nails are no different. I really don’t have time to go to a nail shop each time I need a repair and it bugs me to have a broken nail. I am that Type-A! What can you do, right? So when the sweet mail man dropped off a full box of Kiss Nail’s new couture collection I was stoked! Something I will completely use and love! If you are new to press ons and wanting to try them here are my three quick tips to help them last!

1. Take your time applying: When applying new nails I set aside an hour. Even though you can pop them on in 10 mins I like to take my time with filing and prepping so the nails adhere better. This is also good for making you set aside self-care time! It’s a win win!

2. No water while drying: I don’t shower before or after applying my nails so I make sure I strategically take my shower for the day. This allows the nails and glue to fully dry. Also when your natural nail is wet it tends to be softer which you don’t want as a base with the filing you are doing.

3. Get a length you can work with: Le Sigh! This is where I struggle. The slightly bougie girl in me envy’s the girls that maintain long beautiful nails but the way my life is set up I just can’t do it. I call the long and extra long nails Trophy wife nails. The ones that look like you can only have them if you don’t have a job and you drink sangria all day while entertaining friends. Again, Le Sigh. I live in the land of short to medium and that’s what works. I’m a writer, I work with my hands all day, and my dance kids like hugging me these are things I wouldn’t change. However, I will keep a set or two of trophy wife nails in my beauty cabinet for fun weekends!

Here are the styles they sent me:

Here are my go to’s for daily wear(including for my toes):

French Manicure toes click here

French Manicure medium click here

All featured items were gifted to me but all thoughts are my own.

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