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Self-care Straight from a Sister

Updated: Mar 27

The best lessons are learned through the eyes of those experiencing it. As we begin the third month of the year I asked some of the women I admire most to offer what they are striving for this year through self care. These women are leaders in their craft, active with their families, and love to see other women win. Who could you think of better to get advice from?

I have spent so much of my life working hard on achieving and looking forward to the next conquest that I have not truly been present for my ‘wins’. In this year and season of my life, I am working on being present and enjoying the here & now.

-Dr Mary Ojo-Carons, Climax Aesthetic Surgery

I’m making sure to schedule regular relaxation time for myself this year! Whether it’s a moment to pamper or a quiet nap, I want to create and appreciate intentional quiet moments in between the hustle of life!

-Allie, Climax Aesthetic Surgery

In 2023, my greatest self-care protocol flex is allowing myself to be loved. At the top of the year, I asked myself what I could do for me that would honor me best. Of all things I am, know, give, do, have, & share, the greatest of all truly is love. So, I am being very intentional and careful to love and be loved this year. I love me and have created space only for people who do too. I have reconciled my life to only accept the currency of love in all its forms: compliments, kind gestures, thoughtful gifts, live music, great friends, plentiful laughter, good food, invitations, hugs, kisses, ocean breezes & waves, contracts, and such.

-Beck G, Beck's Management Public Relations

I Really love using Theraderm Skin care. Ive been using their products for a year now and my skin feels amazing.

-Olga, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Influencer

Giving myself grace by prioritizing my self care mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’ve committed to one hour every morning and one hour every evening of me time. That could mean yoga, reading, a hot bath, etc. I’m making sure I never let my cup empty because I’m of no use with an empty cup!

-Ambie Renee, Media Professional iHeart Radio

2023 is off to a beautiful start and as a working mom of 3, the 1 thing that remains consistent is my daily meditation. Before I start my day I rise before the sun to meditate with my Manifest A Million Meditation group everyday. I’ve been meditating with these Goddesses for 3 yrs. It keeps me balanced and welcomes light into my life.

-Morgan, Fashion Model

2023 is the year of rejuvenation for me. Taking time everyday to honor my health; sauna, red light therapy, meditation, physical activity, reiki, massage, hydration , vitamins. Each day making a decision to honor my health and vitality.

-Colleen, Entreprenuer

The way I’m caring for myself in 2023 is by putting on my best outfits and taking myself out to fine-dining restaurants. Experiencing great food is always an occasion!

Odester, Food Blogger @odestereats

No matter your age or where you live as a woman we all strive for the same thing. To be our best self. While in our bare essence we are enough we can always learn how to honor our self even more.

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