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September 2021 NYC Travel Diary

Hey loves!

It is September and we headed to New York! This time with a twist! Due to scheduling conflicts I arrived in the city at the tail end of Fashion Week BUT my bestie walked in a show this season so it was completely worth it. I thought it would be fun to start taking you on trips with me through diary style blogs. I often have so many details I want to share with you that get missed through my social media and editorial posts for The Runway Authority. Not to mention I receive many questions when I travel so this is the perfect place to answer them as well!

Wearing: Dress (vintage) and Gold heels (Steve Madden)

Where we stayed: The Stewart Hotel

The Stewart Hotel is a boutique hotel on Seventh Avenue centrally located to Madison Square Garden, Time Square and most importantly the show I was attending (approximately 2 blocks, I walked it in heels). While the hotel reviews weren’t amazing, the hotel was quite cute and clean. I will say, for my ladies the showers are extra small. Don’t plan on taking romantic showers with your significant other; you can barely turn around in them by yourself. Otherwise, it was a great choice for this trip and the city goals I had.

Want to view more about the hotel click here

Attractions near the hotel:

-Empire State Building

-Times Square

-Bryant Park

-The High line

-Madison Square Gardens

Catching up with friends: Date nights in the City

During Fashion Week, no matter the city, I am almost never able to do anything socially. My schedule just doesn't allow for it and trust me this makes me sad as I’m an extremely social person. You may think, well yes but there are so many parties how do you not feel like you get your social time in? I crave one on one time after all the fashion show stimulation. I didn’t spend much time in the hotel or sleeping (which I never do) but whether it was a full dinner or a matcha latte I was determined to book dates with both friends and colleagues!

I met my good friend Danny, you’ve seen him in photos during my NY and Miami trips. The best part about the city is nothing closes early, not a luxury I have at home in VA Beach. I met Danny at Juniors for a great conversation and of course cheesecake at 11pm! I had the House Salad, so worth it and he had the half chicken with duck gravy.

Our dessert slice of choice, Apple pie cheesecake.

My meet up time with my new friend Olga had to be via a Magazine release party but we took the opportunity to celebrate Gloria rocking the runway.

What I ate: Intentional eating habits

I am continually learning how my body best adapts to food when I travel. I am also learning to eat with intention and intuitively. While I love food, my relationship with it suffered during my early days of traveling while salsa dancing. I will say more accurately I took advantage of my relationship with food during that time. In hyper speed I would woof down my meals, I never planned them and calorie counting..what is that? While I still don’t calorie count I am a much better advocate for slowing down to enjoy my food and those around me. A habit that traveling for fashion week is still challenging to uphold due to my schedule but I'm committed to my body first and foremost.

Close to our hotel were two local eats I really enjoyed!

  1. Smoked Salmon Sandwich- Fresh & Co freshandco.com

  2. Curry Goat with Salad & rice- Manhattan Halal Restaurant manhattanhalalnyc.com

Routine/Self Care: Keeping my routine

Cracking the code on keeping a healthy routine while attending Fashion Weeks became a number one priority. I can say that I finally after a few seasons under my belt have a handle on this. It started with taking my time to eat and also includes my traditional runs. I love my morning runs at home and it has become something I plan for while I travel. I’ve even started a photo diary of the places I run to. What a cool goal to track my runs around the world, right?

This trip I planned two runs: Central Park(6 mile run/walk) & Hudson Riverfront (4 mile run/walk)

If you’d like to see what a complete trip to NYFW looks like check out my “Come to New York Fashion week with me” Vlog. I’m excited to take you on upcoming trips via my vlogs and even more of these diary-style blog entries. Thanks for reading! XO MB

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