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Strategic shopping during quarantine

Everything about quarantine has been an adjustment LOL. I know I am not the only one that has had to find a way to finagle I mean navigate this new normal. A large part of that has been shopping. The thing us girls love to do most. I spoke about this in my latest youtube vlog. I’ll be transparent. I'm not a huge shopper which I’m sure sounds like a shock but all my purchases are really strategic. Shopping for personal items during a pandemic can almost make you feel selfish and guilty but no matter what your money is yours, you have the right to spend it how you see fit. I do think there is a way to be smart, sensitive, strategic and as your friend let’s chat shopping without judgement.

I realized during the pandemic that being at home full time made it so important to be comfortable so most of my shopping focused on that very detail. I also had to shift most of my working hours to my home office, so again, another place that needed tweaking. I'll more info coming about my new office deco.

Clothes:(the start of my staples for spring/summer)

-JEANS: I needed(keyword) a staple pair of jeans. I not only found them but they are super affordable by the beautiful Sophia Vergara! Find them here.

-PURSE: I also needed a summer bag, something that I tote around and that would go with everything! I love the Staud “Shirley bag” and found a fantastic identical dupe for it from walmart!

-SHOES: I didn’t have any mules that I could throw on that looked fab casually. I found these Gucci dupes, again, at Walmart that were too good to pass up for the price! I wore them in yesterday’s IG post and outlined the full look here

-GLASSES: Sitting in front of a screen for hours each day writing fashion articles and monitoring classes is something that I had to get used to. At first, I was ending each day with headaches and someone recommended blue blocker glasses to me. I found these at Amazon and they work great! Helps when they are cute too!


I’m foregoing foundation this summer and taking time to love on my freckles even more so a tinted moisturizer was in order. I chose GlamGlow GlowStarter Mega Illuminating moisturizer in sun glow. I love the way it glows my skin up, still exposes my freckles and moisturizes.

And of course Memorial day is around the corner so I plan to support the following shops having great sales:

French Twist Boutique www.frenchtwistboutiquevb.com 20% off

The Style Studio www.thestyle-studio.com

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