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The skinny on FB Reels

I fell down the Tik Tok rabbit hole this year and have to admit that it’s one of my favorite areas to produce content in. Side note if you are on Tik Tok let’s connect. My handle is @marquitabianca

Like all social platforms the continuous race of staying relevant Facebook has now launched its own version of reels. I’m very active on Facebook (not so shameless plug too here is my page …….) and I think this is fantastic for those of us loyal FB-bookers. Here are the deats to conquer it and 3 reasons why you should be indulging, producing and sharing content through this platform now!

For those that have been living under a rock here's the skinny on what a “reel” is. No judgments after all you are here because this website is a resource. So I got you! Reels are short videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute originating from the Tik Tok platform. They live within the app itself both on your feed if you choose and also a video library that consumers can get lost in watching for hours. Not asking for a friend here, I was actually that person. Come to think of it, I still have those moments on TIk Tok.

Facebook Reels How to:

  1. Create a Reel from your mobile device by clicking the “reel” icon from the options under “Whats on your mind”

  2. Record a video or choose one from your camera roll, add music and any wording.

  3. Be sure your default for your audience is set to “public”

  4. Write a catchy description about your reel. Something short and sweet, no need for long form copy here.

  5. Click “share reel”

*Compensation through Reels- “Make yo Money”

Even though this is a new update to Facebook(September 2021) soon to be fully transitioned into Meta for Creators (that is an entire post by itself, we will chat later) FB is adopting the same protocol for compensating creators just as Tik Tok and Youtube are. No matter what industry you are in, producing short form video should be on your to do list.

*Continuing to reach a New Audience is important-”AKA Grow your following”

With Reels it makes it even easier. While diving into the reels explore page I have found creators that I never knew existed and it's not limited to just your friends and mutual friends. That is the very key that has made Tik tok so powerful. It’s very easy to leverage and grow. Let's face it, why not?

*Keep it efficient- “1 piece 3 ways”

If you are already producing content on Tik Tok and IG then you know exactly where I am going with this. You can use your content on more platforms to work for you without creating more work for yourself. There are a few ways I do this. If you have an Iphone it can simply be by screen recording and uploading.

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