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Tips to Snag the attention of Fashion Writers/Bloggers/Editors

I'm often asked what are the best ways to get the attention of Fashion and Beauty Editor's along with Editor in Chief's of large publications. As the EIC for the Runway Authority I can tell you my inbox is never empty but I understand it may feel like a battle getting through for those that are trying to submit items to us. I can also tell you that many things get passed over because there is simply no time to go in depth to every email we receive, even though we absolutely try our best. Here are 5 tips, that grab my attention every time:

  1. Yes, send the email BUT follow up: Charge it to everything about this industry moving fast even post Covid that we may have seen your email, had every intention of responding to it and for whatever reason it didn’t happen. Always send a follow up email 2-3 days later to be sure. You’d be surprised how many people send me one lengthy email about how passionate they are for the industry, wanting to get connected and I receive no follow up from them.

  2. Slide in the DM but genuinely: And you better be following! This sounds aggressive but I’m making this point for those who want to connect with Independent Editors and those of Large publications. Oftentimes they run their own social media platforms as we stay abreast of trends and pop culture information best that way. Having said that, there is a strong chance that you may send a DM and we will see it.

  3. Be familiar with whom you are contacting: Rule of thumb: actually have an interest in the person, respect their work, know what they do so you may come across more of a friend than “faux”. Don’t shy away from an ice breaker, compliment, or genuine comment showing admiration for their work. It can go a long way!

  4. Be worth it: Make sure your social media and other existing accounts are up to date if you are submitting work or applying for positions. This includes but is not limited to your linkedin, FB, IG, and in most cases Tik Tok as well. If you don’t have an account on a platform I mentioned, it's not a biggie better to not have it than to have it but it’s not up to date. Consistency is key. If you already do that with the platforms you own it shows great character for industry positions.

  5. Don’t just ask….Build: I’m speaking of relationships: Refrain from your 1st message to an industry professional being one that you are asking for a favor. This is where Tip #3 comes in. You can easily avoid this by sending your email (most Editors/EIC will have our email in our social media bio) then follow up in the dm.

BONUS- Be where we are: If you are looking to get into the fashion industry you already know there are key events that we will be attending. Don’t meet us there BEAT us there. The best place to shake our hands and connect is an event that we are co-attending.

More than likely you will receive more No responses than yes but continue to be diligent. Steady wins the race for this one.

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