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Travel Diaries: Miami Swim Week 2022

Miami has quickly become a third home as our team covers fashion and events one to two times a year. As I touch down each trip I’m excited I get to build more of a life there and become more familiar with each area. This season I figured it's time to put together some travel blogs for you as I’m discovering more and more.

This trip was so much more than fashion. Charles and I had the opportunity to get hydrafacials courtesy of Espacio Vogue. While this was a special feature curated for Swim week there are so many spas and estheticians within Florida that offer the service! My skin has been glowing ever since!

TimeOut Market/Lincoln Eatery

I loved trying so many food options this trip! We stumbled onto two food venues that I had seen on youtube previously. TimeOut Market and Lincoln Eatery. They both featured an array of different restaurants and are perfect if you are looking for variety while dining with friends.

TimeOut Market was within walking distance of our lodging and Lincoln Eatery is perfectly nestled within Lincoln Road so grabbing food and shopping is uber accessible. If heading to TimeOut Market be sure to try the famous Froze at the central bar!

Espanola Way

The cutest instagramable area! There were so many restaurants and eateries at our fingertips via Espanola Way. You also have access to local shops, grocery stores and boutique hotels. One of my favorite finds was the Art Deco Supermarket. I always make a grocery trip for the week and the supermarket even featured a deli and homemade meals.


I attended a Fashion Event at Showfields. Centrally located within Lincoln Road and is a bundle of artistic energy under one roof. The venue has multiple nooks that host pop-up shops, open mics, local events, designers and more! Any given week you will find multiple events being curated within the space.


A friend introduced us to the neighborhood of Wynwood and we fell in love! So much so we braved the heat after eating to admire the endless streets of artwork. Wynwood is a funky neighborhood within the Miami area known for its murals, art, shops and eateries. It really is the hip place to be.

My food recommendation is Coyo Taco. I had the shrimp tacos and they were amazing.

Miami Swim Week 2022 was an absolute ball! If I wrote out every moment this blog would be unbearably long! So be sure to tune in to my instagram. I have multiple vlog syle reels to take you on our journey and behind the scenes.

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