• Marquita Bianca

Turn your 2020 “Peace out“ into your Pivot!

There is no doubt in my mind that many of us if given the opportunity would take 2020 and shove it into a trash can LOL.  This year is the last thing we expected and if you are like me on New Years night I proclaimed that this year would be “good vibes only” again insert the direct punch to the gut, right?

Since the pandemic I’ve been focused on creating what will be my new normal. A big part of that is my activity and exercise.  On my morning jog I pass this section of trees (see pic below)

The root of the tree has grown through the concrete.  I often see this in my trips to New York City during fashion week.  After passing it on a few morning workouts and reflecting about how frustrating the world we live in feels right now it hit me. We are these trees. We are planted in a world where we have lived life, found strength and routine only for that very world to be landscaped without our permission.

While just like the tree we can’t change the current landscape we can make sure to 

1)Keep growing

2) Not settle for less than what we deserve

3) Don’t give the current climate permission to have our future

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