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Unconventional Hair Care planning

This natural hair journey has been one for the books. Everyone has their own stories and each one unique. I have met so many amazing curl-friends in my short journey of embracing my natural hair. One thing I have heard numerous times in my journey is how much a routine matters. Being the overachiever I am, I set out to create a routine. Whatever that was. I didn’t know where to start. And insert all the questions popping in my mind.

A good routine(as I have read, involves consistency and of course quality products). Pardon me as I scoff because I had no idea which came first, the chicken or the egg. If we are gauging success off of traditional consistency I already failed. My schedule doesn't allow me to deep condition on a set day every week. I’m lucky to be able to do it every week!

After a breath.

I decided I do want the best for my hair, like everything else about my life success would come from unconventional practices. I sat down to figure out exactly what that looked like. If you, like me, are having this challenge, hopefully this blog helps you feel seen and understood.

Questions I asked myself to build a routine.

-What do I want my routine to incorporate? -What does your hair need? We know everyone needs a deep condition but what about protein treatments, moisturizing, coloring & cutting services.

-How often do I need to do each of these?-While deep conditioning is amazing to do weekly it isn't necessary to do a protein treatment that often. Coloring and cutting absolutely don’t follow that timeline either but we still need to plan for them.

Figuring out how to implement it all. After a wash, my day 3 hair from experience is where it’s at. LOL. That day she is full, fluffy with plenty of volume but low frizz and most of all clean. That gave me my minimum idea of how many days I need to place between my wash day and any performances, gigs or social interaction set on my schedule.

-Look at your calendar of events then work backwards to schedule it all and forgive yourself if it doesn’t always fall on the same day.

Here is a sample of how I fit it all in on a given month (with gigs and commitments)

October 2022

Week 1

1-3rd Traveled to Boston

-Luckily there were no photo shoots or fashion events. This was easy. I washed my hair 2 days before our trip and travel day was Day 3 amazing hair. It just got better throughout my trip.


-Even though I had a reschedule schedule upon returning I didn’t wash/deep condition until 2 days post trip.

Week 2& 3

(Looks at schedule for next two weeks) I had a fashion panel on the 16th so the next wash day needed to be spaced with enough time on the front and back to make sense for my hair and provide consistency for my routine. I washed/deep conditioned on the 12th so the panel was day 5 hair!

-(Looks at schedule for next two weeks) I had an event on the 18th and traveled on the 20th! Again to make it make sense for the routine. I extended my wash day to after the event on the 18th (with a refresh, we will talk more in detail about how I refresh my washed hair in another post)

-19th I washed/deep conditioned, traveled on the 20th and attend an event on the 21st

Week 4

-24th This week featured Halloween and my anniversary. I did a quick wash on the 24th and planned to do my next routine cleaning on the 30th to prep for traveling the beginning of November

While I'm still figuring out my favorite products (I’ll share in an upcoming blog) I can say that I prefer to let my hair air dry. I schedule my washes with this in mind as it takes longer than using heat sources.

To sum it up

  • My wash days are never the same each week

  • Success relies heavily on me planning

  • I offset not having the perfect schedule with healthy practices like not using heat, low manipulation or not wearing restrictive styles (tight ponytails)

Your hair can thrive. While a weekly routine is wonderful, keep planning as best you can to be consistent and care for it in all the ways that matter!


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