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Wellness: SweatyBetty dates with your bestie!

Updated: Mar 7

It’s time to date well in 2023! This means priority dates with not only your spouse but your family and friends! We recommend grabbing your bestie and Normalizing #SweatyBetty dates in 2023!

Sarah and I enjoy getting together a few times a month to sweat, have girl chat as well as support one another’s wellness and mental health goals. Start thinking of a girlfriend that you can set up a date with and choose one of our favorites or wish list dates below!

Dance Fitness


Kick Boxing

Beer/Wine/Goat Yoga

Trail walks

Cycle Bar

Hire a personal trainer for a session

Have a dance teacher choreograph a song that you can practice together

Bike ride

City walks

Let’s change the narrative that dating well hinges on a romantic relationship being involved instead let’s rely on dating as the energy towards being fulfilled. Energy is everything. You being happy, fulfilled and having fun will bring you anything energetically that you are desiring all while not having to directly focus on it. The Big win-win is growing and nurturing your friendship with memories that last a lifetime!

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