• Marquita Bianca

Why I launched Studio F Showroom

During my last year of work, pre-pandemic I started to think about the direction that fashion would take within my facility. Baila Fuzion has always been a place that supports all creatives and with that mission our programs are continuously evolving. Evolving is something that we have all been forced to do this past year. One of my goals is to have a long career in fashion. One that is rewarding and exciting. Each season my fashion travels bring that excitement but as we have seen traveling is a luxury we may not safely have for some time nor do I want my career to depend on my travels. Combined with my career goal I also have a strong desire to serve where I am planted. Studio F Showroom is born from both of those desires. Being able to use my experiences in the fashion industry to serve those right in my community.

Our building has the gift of flex space which in our previous studio being that it was only 600 sq ft what you saw is really what you got. This flex space now not only allows us to expand our services but operate within CDC guidelines with ease. I saw elements that I wanted to include in Studio F that very flex space could provide.

I wanted a Hub where fashion creatives could meet, work and also network when needed. A designer can host their buyer meetings in our space or even one on one fitting appointments. Stylists can conduct pulls for photoshoots and facilitate the photoshoot in the same place. Photos from that shoot can then be processed in our onsite media center. One convenient place to support everything they need to grow their product line or business. New collections can be debuted and new ideas can be born. Not only did I want a hub I wanted it to have an educational element to it as well. Hands on opportunities for those looking to enter the industry and to connect those seasoned with those aspiring.

In addition to the hub and education I wanted to create opportunities where we could serve with the talents we were given. Making our 1st year fiscal calendar the easiest part of the entire process. Our 1st event, “Styled for Success” is a curated fashion event serving women who have experienced domestic violence or abuse. Our entire facility will be decked out not only to supply them with staple clothing they will need but the emotional boost that is needed even more.

This journey is going to be an exciting one. Be

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