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A beautiful woman with brains…we need more of them. I was expecting a dance or fashion business lecture. What I got was a down and dirty small business and small  business marketing strategy via social media and website design. Marquita was informative, “real” and interesting. Thank you!!! ~Seminar Attendee



She really inspired me to continue doing what I am passionate about and maybe someday make a business out of it. Its crazy how her life switched from one spectrum to the other, but she still succeeded in such a way you would only think a person trained and schooled in the subject would. The way she presented herself was really professional, but she still found a way to make it fun for us. It was really exciting to see all the different ways you can promote yourself on things we use everyday. ~Ariella, ODU student


Marquita Bianca was the most professional of all the guest speakers we have had in this class. I really enjoyed hearing her speak to us because we haven’t really heard a lot about the importance of one’s need to be as professional as possible in most settings. She spoke about how facebook, blogs, twitters, etc. all play an important role in the ability to snag a job and to give a a respectable self image to oneself. I really enjoyed this speech because it gave us a backbone to a professional image not only in person but also on the internet.~Erinn, ODU




Marquita Bianca came and spoke to my class the week before last. Her honesty was the most interesting thing about her speech/lecture. She told us straight forwardly that she had not had any formal training before she started her dance career. Her theme was a hard work and do it yourself principle she followed. Marquita took the necessary steps to learn fully the various dancing forms she learned and learned the tricks of the trade of advertising for her own dance company that she now runs. She promoted how lucky we were to be able to learn in our digital art class how to design different things with the tools we have at our disposable. She put emphasis on how we should take advantage of what we have now because had she known how to do even the smallest things we are learning now at the beginning of her career, it would have made things I lot easier for us. Marquita was a prime example of what an entrepreneur should be.   ~Seminar Attendee


Marquita Bianca gives a very powerful vibe in my opinion. The most motivating piece of advice she told us was, “Do what you really want to do.” She was living proof, she showed how even after college you may run into that one thing you will know you want to do for the rest of your life. I constantly deal with the feeling that my parents and others want me to do what they think i should do. I dont want to live life safe, getting by doing the things that frustrate me, but keep me successful. Ultimately its about being happy, doing what you love regardless if it brings in money or not. I dont want to live in fear and regret of what I knew I should have done, I want to do… Marquita Bianca, thank you for the motivation to never stop pursuing what will make me happy every single day.  ~Seminar Attendee


Her presentation was extremely informative, mixing a very serious business subject with charming humor. Miss. Bianca’s comment about staying relevant connected deeply, because design is such a changing area.  I also really appreciated the idea that it’s okay to constantly change your image, just keep it professional and make sure that your image, your brand, clearly proves that you can keep your word and get things done. ~Seminar Attendee


I am impressed with her energy and dedication to her craft. She expresses much motivation and drive to further her success. It was great to hear her speak. I enjoyed listening to everything she has done and what her marketing process is. She has really inspired me to get set up for success like she has! ~Seminar Attendee




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