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December 5, 2019

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Layered Salad!

July 2, 2015

  If I could eat salad for every meal including breakfast I think I would (without getting tired of it). I can't come home daily for lunch or Im traveling so this layered salad works well alomg with making sure my veggies aren't soggy when I get to meal time!yer


What you'll need:


Quart size tupperware (or mason jar if you prefer glass)

Salad ingredients: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, meats, dressing, etc...

I used the above except meat and 1 tbl sp of vinegar and 1 tbl sp of EVOO dash of sea salt and pepper 


Layer order: (Bottom to Top)


1. Dressing 

2. Tomatoes

3. Onions

4. Cucumbers

5. Lettuce

6. Salt n Pepper


key is to layer bottom to top with your ingredients that contains the most water. Fill container to 3/4 full. Once ready to eat. Shake well and enjoy! Can either be eaten from container or transferred to a meal plate! 

 This is a simple off brand tupperware container use whatever kind you like the brand doesn't matter it's the layering that makes the difference!


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