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December 5, 2019

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Get out and smell the...Pumpkins?

October 14, 2015


Todays MB Moment:


This week we are preparing for our 2 Year Anniversary Showcase that will be held at The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts! When I tell you some days are 18 hours long....the preparation is real!! While at my desk During our youth programming yesterday my Fiancé called and told me I was taking a break. I had 2 tasks to complete and I was to ask no questions. 1) Be home before my Fiance got it off work. 2) Bring flats BC YOU KNOW how I love my heels! I rarely take breaks let alone any vacation time and in hind site time with my fiancé is also limited. So my normal response of hesitation because there is so much work to be done wasn't an option. Why? Because the reality is when you are growing that means there is constant forward movement.


Take a step into my heart for a moment when I tell you as a visionary time maintenance is probably my biggest challenge. Now I'll clarify, time maintenance isn't the easiest thing to conquer but more so something we always continue to improve on. So to my surprise my hunny took me to pick pumpkins! Something I've never done and something to completely take me out of work mode! And when I said I wanted to start new traditions for our family he was listening!


So my moment for the day for you is to do just that... Take a moment. Doesn't have to be spectacular, huge, or expensive. Do it alone, with family or with friends just as long as you do it. What moment do you look back on that makes you feel you need to take more?

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