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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

December 5, 2019

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2 Years and growing!

October 20, 2015


The dust finally settling from last nights 2 year Anniversary showcase of my beloved Baila Fuzion. What a way to turn 2! To be in a room, filled with so much love, passion, and don't get me started on the talent...is nothing more than humbling. Our very short journey has connected us to what we now know to be people whom have changed our world, to help us change other's world's, to leave a mark on everyone that we meet. To live knowing that just having a mediocre surface connection with individuals in everyday life isn't enough. Why not be so consumed with passion for what you do, who's in your life and what you vision the world to be so that all your steps are ordered to love the way you were destined to. I am so blessed to live a life with that level of love. To do life with my family, staff family, friends, dance kids, and many in between. Thank you to those in your support of our studio showcase. My bro presented me a rose for each year we have been open thank you Benjamin Button for your love. My best is Inga Frost front row made my night! Ty n Amanda, love you both. My brother Terrell K. Mercer, building this Arts Dept with you couldn't get any better...the journey in my mind couldn't get better because I already envision us as what we will be. My staff family, you guys are stellar and serving you has made me a better version of the artist/owner that I want to be. Sarah Yatsko, there is no words that could describe the love in my heart for you! My dance kids, you guys rock! I couldn't be proud of all the bags you bring home 😉. My fiancéErik Castanoo, much of what I am able to get done is through the support and love I have from home. Thank u for your love! Here's to 2 going on an unknown amount of years, stages, opportunities, and blessings.

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