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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

December 5, 2019

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December 14, 2015


Not many words to describe the feeling after this weekend’s events. As an artist I’m so thankful to have my health to still do what I love to do. As an Artistic Director, I’m blessed to work with a like minded group of people that embody the DNA of my beloved BailaFuzion to continue to push the excellence envelope of artistic education while maintaining an atmosphere where our artists can come as they are. To be free to be you in the walk of whatever you have been called to be or do is a powerful thing. To work with my home church where I go to be fed; I am so thankful for my Pastors Steve Kelly and Sharon Kelly for their commitment to the call on their lives and their vision. It has truly changed my life to be a part of Wave Church and this weekend witnessing the powerful move of the arts to change others lives makes me so grateful to serve my church. To be used as a vessel in any capacity is an honor. We are all called to be used and no job is small. I have been at my church as the happy host serving and seating every Sunday and it brings me so much joy to serve where needed. To dance at the place I call my home church and to serve my pastors and creative leaders placed the biggest wow on my heart. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come and experience the Grinch. Lives were changed, bounds were stretched, and dreams for many were reignited! Thanks to our stellar BFDC leadership team, there is none like you. All of my tiny dancers from age 10 and up; you all are amazing! You demonstrated you can do anything! My wonderful Fiancé, Mom, and best friend @saya.peach for tireless work through the weekend and 4 Live Shows…you all are my rocks! Sew a seed and watch the future be changed! What a humble honor! I'll be placing the video from our performance on my site so stay tuned! Until then check out my backstage pics

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