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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

December 5, 2019

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Break up with Fear!

April 18, 2015


I normally don't post blogs that contain content in regards to my faith within my blogs besides my "MBcorner" blog but more and more I realize that the way I operate within my business is connected to my faith and vice versa.  There is a strength required to lead that you will never physically posses if you don't believe in something more powerful other than yourself. Last week I attended our church annual women's convention and came out with a renewed mind.  Last year, my beloved dance studio was 6 months old and I was only able to attend 1 night. This year if it hadn't been for snow the first night I would've been able to attend all 3 night sessions. What a difference a year makes, what a difference the maturity of your faith makes. My website/blog and everything I do here is dedicated to helping artists to reach new heights. What you believe plays a HUGE part in the decisions you make.

So my lesson learned last week: Break Up with Fear! I wrote 2 previous blogs that are also very important to this topic, the first is "Win before 10" the second is "Power in your To do list". Both of these blogs focus on the efficiency of getting things done. One of the largest road blocks we experience is fear. You can never truly live in abundance if fear rules over your life and its a constant choice everyday whether you will choose to operate in fear or in love. So this week as I make out my to do list or are making decisions in my business if there is something that I am hesitant to do I am purposefully identifying why. Am I not moving forward with that decision because of fear? And what is it that I'm actually afraid of? One I identify it I'm only going to think of the reasons why I should do it! I don't want to be a servant to my fear instead I want to be free from the Fear so I can focus on serving! Staying connected with my faith directly affects this process! I can't even tell you how this has impacting my week. I am fearless...and you should be too! As our guest pastor said, "Break up with Fear, he is a loser and a coward! Tear up that contract Today!"

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