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December 5, 2019

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Saweeet Tater Hash Prep Meal

September 1, 2015

 Yes, Please say it just like I wrote it Saweeet Tater Hash! Thats how good this prep meal was..emphasis on the "was" because it dissapeared quick! :) My guys wanted a tasty meal that had some good carbs for after workout recovery and for after a fasted am workout this was perfect. Even if you are not on a journey for working out and weightloss/gain this is a great way to shake up your morning breakfast(even the kiddos would love it). Cost per meal $.93 (made 6 servings)

 What you need:

1-Anytime ham bone in slice (can sub any meat of choice want to go even leaner use ground turkey)

4 Egg white & 4 whole eggs (again I made 6 servings) If you are cooking for your family use 2 eggs per person

3 Sweet potatoes (i used the microwavable at $.89 each but boiled them still you can also use any sweet potatoe

2 small onions or 1 large depending on your servings 

1 tblsp brown sugar

 Directions: Dice sweet potatoes and boil to tender. Dice onions and ham(put aside( In seperate pan saute onions in EVOO, add potatoes and flip to brown then add ham and mix into potatoes and onions. The ham has a great salty flavor already so I didn't add any additional salt or pepper to this recipe. Remove potato hash mixture and clean pan or use seprate pan to scramble eggs with EVOO. I again, didnt use any additional salt or pepper the eggs tasted amazing over the Saweeet Tater Hash! Enjoy!


How I couponed for this meal:


1lb bag onions $.99 at local Farm Fresh ($.20 per onion used 2)

1 bone in Anytime meal Ham $2.72 Manager special used Smithfield $1/1 ham product

1-18 ct Harris Teeter eggs $1.97 special during super double week (Had 3 rainchecks so was able to get 6 additional packs...We eat A LOT of eggs)(used 8 so roughly $10 per)

3-Sweet potatoes $.89 each

Total :$5.59 (6 servings at $.93 per serving)




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