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December 5, 2019

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Carb Control

September 15, 2015

Can I start by saying I loveeeeee every compliment that comes my way that addresses anything regarding to me being uber diligent in my eating habits. I politely nod, say thank you and walk away and/or turn my head knowing the truth is that I will eat every carb in site! That includes my carbs, my honey's carbs, probably your carbs....


Sigh....I digress. This is my weakness that I have had to take a journey of turning into a controlled yet healthy situation. Emphasis on the journey and word controlled :)


So instead of setting "rules" for myself I chose to "enstill" healthy encouraging values. As a blogger I want you guys to know the truth, as a foodie I want to enjoy food to its fullest(Gotta be the Italian and Puerto Rican heritage), as a meal prepper I'm not "dieting" but I still have goals and everything is about balance. 


So onto the good stuff! 3 Healthy values I use to keep me achieving "Carb Success" 


1) I measure out my carbs in "snack" size ziploc bags NOT quart size this includes anything "carb" Im eating. ie. cookies, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes)

2) I plan my carb meals within 1 hour after my workout since my body is still burning

3) I do NOT eat carbs late at night 





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