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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

December 5, 2019

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Tips to avoid burn out

March 26, 2016


Avoiding burn out is something that I have had to consistently work on as an artist and entrepreneur because life is busy and ever moving. It is so easy to look up one day and realize I’ve worked 12 days straight with no time off, no days to sleep in and feeling as if my head is just above water. I have realized as an artist your creativity will keep you constantly moving and it will also keep you motivated until your body literally can’t move anymore.  I have always felt that working like this felt efficient and fulfilling. Of course after time you will always learn the truth…your body will tell you.

  1. Get exercise and do it consistently

  2. Time management: the set up to create a schedule may take a while but if followed it has lasting results.

  3. Delegate work: This is one of the most important and so effective when you can release part of your work load.

  4. Say “No”: Self explanatory

  5. Segment your work: breaking large projects into pieces that you can accomplish and reward yourself for will gain you positive










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