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December 5, 2019

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Maria Rosado, "Brooklyn To The Bay"

July 19, 2016

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As an artist I am completely compelled by the way other artists work, the way they think, and what makes them tick. The largest part of my career that intertwines me with them is music. My dance studio, Baila Fuzion has a particular heart for local artists in such a way that we love them like the celebrities that we can’t touch on daily basis but there is the perk.  How awesome is it that we get to do just that? How rewarding is it to purchase an album and to shake hands with the very person that made it for this reason there is an Art & Music section on MarquitaBianca.com


Kicking off with my Summer Soulstice Album picks is Maria Rosado’s “Brooklyn To The Bay.” OK, let’s get VERY real here I am burning a hole since I purchased (yes I said purchased) this album and I have been completely honest with Maria about it.  I first met Maria at our monthly Arts Out Loud artistic showcase after she gave an amazing performance that I thought featured my favorite song “Start Over” until I heard her full album.  Track number 2 “Slow Ride” ft Leck One makes me want to take selfies with my honey and quote lyrics about our love. You remember the way you felt in the 90’s when music was good, when it meant something, quite frankly when we purchased good albums because we believed in the artist and product.


I approached Maria about featuring her and she is more than humble might I add for an artist that put this body of work together very well.  When I asked her favorite part about creating this album she remarked, “…collaborating with beautiful, creative and free formed people! It brought a natural, pleasant energy to my work....making it theirs as well....giving listeners different takes, feels and energy to my project.”  When you hear this album you’ll agree that is more than accurate. The collaborations of both “So High” ft Testimony and “Silver Spoon” ft Steph Love provide essence, energy all without diminishing fluidity.


 Maria further explained, “I write to inspire and I felt that the artists I collaborate with do the same....it’s all about a positive energy force and listening pleasure, uncomfort and healing. I want people to feel every emotion possible when listening to my album....music...it’s a part of healing and growth for us all.”  Can anything be truer? In a world where truly music in every aspect dominates our day, you wake up to an alarm clock that you have customized a ring tone that makes you feel a certain way getting up to the presets on your radio station(for those that still listen) or better yet that moment in your car you realize it’s too quiet but you only pulled out your driveway one minute ago so you hurry to plug in your ipod heck at that point you’ll settle for the radio (for the non listeners).  Music is engrained in our lives, careers, and dreams. As a fan thank you for infusing your love, fears, and everything in between into this project.  Tune in to the Chocolate Milk and Waffle show this thursday for Maria's on air interview!


Contact Maria/Get Brooklyn To The Bay


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reina.Ria

Instagram: 1soulsticeladye


Album credits: 

Produced and mixed by: Kevin Lassiter

Producer: Steven Gayle

Mastered by: David Catash Mörch

CD insert art by: Corey Watson


Album Features include: 

Stephanie Lask 

Maliek Washington 

Ravenn McDowell

DLove Lee 


Richard A. Love


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