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December 5, 2019

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Hello Fall: 4th Quarter life prep!

October 1, 2016

As a business owner I'm very used to writing fiscal schedules and prepping my business for each quarter to make sure we are running as efficient as possible. In developing the habits of this in business a few years back I now do quarterly preps in almost every area of my life. How do I determine what will fall into that category? The easiest way for me is to look at everything as a system and a process. If the current system that I am using can benefit by any update in any area then I automatically put it on the "prep list" that I focus on each quarter. We will start with personal as I feel it's the foundation of the other two. If you aren't taking care of yourself then the latter will suffer.

1. Personal: Make a schedule: If you are not operating by a schedule now is a great time to start! 4th quarter boasts many holidays and we all know holidays automatically alter our schedules. The best way to not get ran over by your own train is to be driving it! I write down everything. If it's not down on paper it's not happening and everyone in my life knows that. The best way for me to keep track and be successful is to make sure I'm aware which translates to writing everything down.

Things to include:

-New habits you want to incorporate before the new year. Who needs a resolution if it's already being done?

-Review your daily schedule and how the holidays will affect them. Do you need to make a full 4th quarter schedule adjustment or just a few day adjustment when the holiday hits.

-Balance of You vs Them: Schedule your "you" time in and write it down!

2: Family/Home: Incorporate and assess your family schedule. With 4th quarter being one of the busiest times of the year many family dynamics may change I.e children's participation at school, school closings, family traveling to visit. Early in the 4th quarter(October) is a great time to get things done!

Things to include:

-Servicing all cars and electronics: 2 days before Thanksgiving isn't a great time to discover that you need a tune up. Get that spare that you've been needing, change filters in your home, and tackle that clutter in your garage or spare rooms to make more room for things you need to store!

-Take a poll and draft a holiday meal list: Many things we need for the holidays have a long shelf life so you could be done with all your shopping by the end of October and be sitting pretty for the holidays.

-Get your deep cleans and decorating on the calendar: October is a great time to start on deep cleans because it's not so far out that you can't maintain them and it gives space in your calendar so you can spend more time on holiday DIY's!

3: Business: This area has the potential to be lengthy but I will post a detailed blog on how I prep my 4th quarter for my business with more details.

Things to include:

-Review and Analyze what did not work in your 3rd quarter. How can you switch those negatives to a positive?

-Create relational material: 4th quarter is the "Feel Good" quarter with all the holidays so this is the perfect time to build stronger relationships with your customers!

-Jazz up your marketing: Just because the holidays are busy does not mean people stop paying attention to what your business is doing in fact this is when you should be intentional about keeping their eye!

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