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December 5, 2019

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Inside my wedding!

December 15, 2016


What an amazing weekend! Our dream wedding has happened and now as the dust settles life is moving along just as it should be! I'm so excited about this continuous journey with my husband and while even though I'm in wedded bliss I'm so ready to get back to sharing with my blog what better than to start with than some of my fave moments from the wedding! Below the gallery I've also posted a vendor list for the awesome team that helped put together my day! If you are planning a wedding I highly recommend you give these awesome individuals a call. Feel free to tell them I sent you! 



My Vendor List:


Wedding Coordinator:

Rotita Cunningham of Ecclectic Elegance   ecclecticelegance2016@gmail.com  757-813-4054


Caterer & Central Limos

Central 111 Billy Hudson 757-222-1022  www.centraloneeleven.com


Dress designer

Patricia Rountree  www.riskcontour.com  (312) 767-8152



Devin Spencer Cinematography  Facebook

Email: devinspencermedia@gmail.com



Dj Gnice  Facebook 



Kay Barbini Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art  757-425-0000 



Kyle Greene 7572028084  grainangry84@gmail.com



Kevin Higgins & Charles Hundley  The runwayauthority.com



Aareanna "Pink" Cambell 757-354-4745  Facebook 







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