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December 5, 2019

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Creating a planning system for 2017!

December 19, 2016

I've always loved planners, organization, and scrap booking but it wasn't until 2 years ago that I started to finalize and really make an effort to have a set daily system. With the new year coming quickly I wanted to share my planning system that helps to keep my life organized and how I do use them. The following planners are what work best for me but you can set up a great system in any planner!


I start with what I call the "Hub" of all my planning which is a Big Happy planner made by a company called Me and My Big Ideas aka Mambi. My Hub planner holds EVERYTHING that requires future planning for my family, my business and my home.


A few things inside my hub: Studio monthly and yearly fiscal schedule, Events, Bill due dates, My football team game schedule, Our kids sports and school schedules, Social media schedule


My daily planner: I use the classic size happy planner for my daily planning needs. I fill out my classic planner by the week and transfer the necessary information I need from my Hub. I also enjoy decorating this planner with the stickers that the company makes.


Inside my daily planner: Weekly meal plan, Appt/event schedule, Phone call list, Cleaning schedule Errands etc


My budget planner/wallet: This was the best idea ever! I use the recollections personal size planner for my wallet and finance planner. It contains my credit cards, grocery lists, monthly bills and budget totals. I also use this planner for my coupon match up lists.


Quick Tip: I use a deposit envelop marked "recent receipts" to hold all my shopping recents for the week. Every Sunday I clean the envelope out and file receipt I don't need anymore.


Prayer Journal/War binder This is my newest addition to my planner system but I'm so happy that I did. I decided that I needed a devotional planner because I wanted to be more intentional with my prayer time and also have something that gave me the option to journal. I also use a happy planner for this! Along with prayer requests I also record praise reports, answered prayers and church events. This planner has really made a difference in my spiritual life.


You can find Happy Planner products at Hobby Lobby, Michael's and online .


Do you have a planner system? If so, what works for you?



* This is not a sponsored post and all the items that I used were purchased by me and all thoughts/views are my own

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