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Its Ok to Not be Okay!

December 5, 2019

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Tech Tuesday: Great Apps for Entreprenuers!

November 12, 2019

With everything evolving through this new year so are the apps that I am using to further my business on the go.  In 2017 I'll be speaking at numerous conferences, covering many fashion events and directing multiple shows with my beloved Baila Fuzion Dance Company. All of these event require me to maintain our work load on the go. While I have already posted a blog on my "On the Go Office" here are a few new apps that I'm enjoying and would recommend for entrepreneurs in any field.

1. Canva: I've been using canva for a while but have recently stepped out of my comfort zone with it to make even more promotional material for my business. It's very easy to use and automatically saves your work as you go!

Pro: Its Free in your App Store!

Con: It requires internet connection while using it.

2. Enlight: Photo editing at its finest. Whether you are editing photos for marketing materials or want a certain hue for an Instagram theme this is a great app for both!

Pro: Provides really great quality with a lot of options.

Con: Its an app that you have to put time in to learn all the ways it can work for you. Sometimes it requires more time than I have.

3. Wix: Easy, quick and mobile web hosting platform that also has an app for on the go posting! I currently use wix for my website hosting and I posted this blog from my mobile app!

Pro: Really user friendly and affordable!

Con: (A Con you can deal with) The developers are constantly growing this program and currently you cannot do website updates via the mobile app so I do them in office from my PC but hopefully they will add this soon!

4. Planoly: Instagram layout app that allows you to test your feeds and make changes before posting.

Pro: This is a great and FREE tool for beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers who focus on the aesthetics of their feeds.

Con: While the app is free there is a limit of 30 photo uploads in 30 days to maintain a free account you can also upgrade if you need more. (A con but not really a con unless you post more than once per day) 

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