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December 5, 2019

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Inside my Planner

January 28, 2017

Can you believe the first month of the new year is almost over? I recently blogged showing my planner system that I’d be using for 2017 and this blog will give you the full details of how I have my planner set up, how its working all the updates within this first 3 weeks that I made.

First, I’m still using all the planners that I listed in my blog along with one I added. The only edit I’ve had to make is how I carry my system. After a training session with a client they asked for my availability for march to my surprise I couldn’t answer the question because my Hub (Big Happy planner was at my home office). The original plan was to operate daily out of my classic size Happy Planner and then refer/transfer information from the hub to the classic daily/weekly so I had a daily game plan. This works really well until you are trying to future plan unfortunately the type of business I run we are always future planning. Clients call daily to schedule appointments, lessons or book dancers from our company. Yes, electronic calendars can come in handy for this but I’m a paper girl always have been and will be. So to not encounter this again or be forced to say “Let me get back to you” I now have a “Hybrid” planner system that I carry with me and it really works! PS I did not come up with this idea it was inspiration after researching relentlessly for something that would work.

Steps to create my Hybrid Planner and what each part is used for:

1. My Classic Happy Planner: I use this to put my final plans in for the week. Each day has my to do list from start to finish.

2. Mini Fitness Happy Planner- tracks all my meal planning, water intake, and exercise. I add this into my classic planner each week so I only carry 1 book.

3. *NEW* Mini "A Well Planned Life" Happy Planner- This is my new HUB planner and I add it right in between my Fitness and my classic planner pages.

With the expander rings and only having 6 months of planner pages in at one time this system allows me to carry everything with me everyday.  I also incorporate my month pages the same way.

Month pages:

Classic planner month page is my editorial calendar for my blog.

Mini planner month page is for future planning events.

Mini fitness planner pages I don't use at the moment. I'll write and update if that changes.

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