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December 5, 2019

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Trading in Busy for Productive

January 30, 2017


Dress & Jacket: Virtuous Boutique

Earrings: Risk ConTour

Shoes: Mine(Gotta love Vintage handowns from mom)

Lipstick: MAC "Driven by Love"  A12 lipgloss

Styled by: Patricia Rountree

I'm often asked "Are you busy today?" And more then often my reply is Yes! Truth be told I don't think anyone strives to be "busy" and in essence we as a generation I'm sure want to get as much done in a day as possible! The days of pulling 17 hour days and functioning the next off of 3 hours of half sleep and coffee are over(In my world). Let's trade in that life for more balance shall we? I too, am working on this very balance as it is a lifestyle change connected to habits. To not switch cold turkey without success I have worked within these three tips to help:

Auto pilot regular tasks- The more you can automate the less time you will have to making the decision that ultimately are repeat tasks this can include bills, product shopping, and more.

Pre-plan for order- Sunday is my day to plan. I love waking up on Monday mornings all set and ready to go most importantly I like following a blue print instead of guessing where my time will be allotted to.

Batch work for productivity- The concept of batching work isn't new however when you work at a high volume it can greatly increase what you get done so if you aren't using the method I recommend starting. Batching work means putting all like tasks together i.e answering emails instead of checking them every five minutes or if you are blogging put all your tasks that you need to complete for that one blog i.e editing, post scheduling, image taking all together so when you are done the full task is complete and you don't have to go back to it later.

New habits to kick the "busy bug" can be challenging to keep up as they say old habits die hard but life just as you live it is a constant growth journey. Stay encourage that what you want you can have with preparation and faith. Have a great week loves! 

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