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December 5, 2019

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Morning Routines & OOTD!

November 2, 2019

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Let's get into today's blog:

I have been working since the new year started to perfect a new Morning/Night time that helps me get even more done and for the last few weeks I have found success. As an entrepreneur most times the success of your day directly relies on how much you can get done and all my businesses leave me needing to be highly productive everyday.

I'll have a very honest moment with you I am NOT nor have I ever been a morning person. I have to motivate myself to stick to a routine that starts anytime before 8am. Now nights, oh boy I can stay up all night! If my day is 17 hours long not a problem for me I will work through it with a smile! That late night life was great before I got married but now having a schedule opposite of my husband does not a good marriage make! (Did you get the Yoda reference? LOL)

So in an effort to change I adopted a routine called the "Miracle Morning" from a book written by Hal Elrod. With a few edits this routine has transformed my mornings for productivity and also the quality time with my husband that I love before he goes to work.


So how does it work? It's based off of 6 things needed to balance your morning with the acronym "Savers". Here they are:

1. S-silence: (1 min)I use this time to meditate, pray and recite my gratitude thoughts for the day. There is always something to be thankful for and most often its something as small as the breathe in my lungs.

2. A-affirmations: (1 min) My affirmations are different each morning and genuinely speak to what I need to conquer that day.

3. V-visualization: (1 min) I use this time to visualize not only how I want my day to go but also the way I want to live my life. I visualize the desires of my heart coming true.

4. E-exercise: (1 min) This is the only thing that I do somewhat out of order because most days I teach a fitness class but I always put in something that will get my heart going like 20 jumping jacks, a few abs etc.

5. R-ead: (15-20 min) I place my bible and devotional readings here. Normally I stick to one of the preplans in my bible app or review a sermon from the week before from my pastor.

6. S-scribe(write): (10 min) This is a great time for journal writing or any writing of your choice.

This has really been working for me and even my husband can tell a difference. Have you read the Miracle Morning? What does your morning routine look like?


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